Sample Course Catalog

Animalians: ANML222 Intermediate Communications (3 Semester Hours)

Prerequisites: GRFL101 and demonstration of transference spell

This course teaches the techniques for establishing communication with a variety of non-farm animals through verbal and semi-telepathic methods. Students must be capable of deference to non-human professors during the duration of the class.

Arcanium: LXOG500 Advanced Lexology (3 Semester Hours)

Prerequisites: VRUM101, MNDC202, LBRY399

This course teaches the manipulation of spells through word substitution. Students must have a clear understanding of written spell structure and an obsessive focus on grammar. Sloppy enunciation will bring danger to all nearby students. Potential students will be tested in linguistics before joining the class.

Occolus: MIRR101 Introduction to Catoptromancy (3 Semester Hours)

Prerequisites: SEER401, and GSWK300

This course provides an introduction into divination using a mirror. It covers the fundamental forms and rituals, including gesticular manipulation and health-line evaluation. Dangers include soul reaving, broken summons, and the occasional malevolent apparition. Development of image interpretation skills are developed through the semester.