The Veiled Diplomat


Book 3 of the Reluctant Assassin series

Even a master assassin can be foiled.  Divination—the magic of seeing the future—provides peace in the realms, because no one can launch a war or assassination without being discovered. But when a strange building appears in the city of sorcery, everyone believes it’s benign—everyone except Zayn and his teammates. To save the Hundred Halls, they must use all their talents to deceive and uncover its purpose before it’s too late.

Alina Hart

-amazon reviewer-

The Veiled Diplomat Continues the Adventures of Zanye and keeps the spirit of the previous books.  Filled with more mystery and intrigue and daring adventures; The Veiled Diplomat is sure to keep your attention from start to finish and make you fall in love with Zayne, even more.  If you haven't started reading the Reluctant Assassin series, then by all means, please start at book one and sink your teeth into this fun series.


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Lynda c.

Amazon Reviewer

[The Hundreds Halls is a] well created fantasy realm with believable characters. Multiple running storylines hold your attention making it almost impossible to set down. Definitely page turners! Loved the depth of characters.

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