House of Snake and Tome

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Pre-order Book 2 of the Stone Singers series.  The book will be released on April 19, 2022.

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At the heart of the Hundred Halls, four secret societies have manipulated events for their own dark purposes. They tamper with forbidden magics. They blackmail kings. No corner of the world escapes their reach.

Moriganne must acquire an invite one of these societies or her father will banish her from the family, but her biggest rival stands in her way at every step. When an unexpected death leads to an investigation that implicates the societies, Moriganne must decide what is more important—protecting her siblings and her standing in the family, or finding justice for those she has lost.

1 review for House of Snake and Tome

  1. Elaine Stoker

    I was so ready for this continuation of the Stone Singers In The Hundred Halls series. This book had a much darker intrigue and very real life and death situations. Siblings are out to sabotage, harm, or kill as they choose which parent to side with and back for control of the family business. I could not put it down, reading through the night!

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Lynda c.

Amazon Reviewer

[The Hundreds Halls is a] well created fantasy realm with believable characters. Multiple running storylines hold your attention making it almost impossible to set down. Definitely page turners! Loved the depth of characters.

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