Enter the Daemonpits


Book 4 of the Gamemakers Online series

After a brutal battle for survival in the Citadel of Broken Dreams, Alex sets off to the daemonpits to discover the fate of her friends. To earn passage into the underbelly of the game, Alex must first conquer the Isles of Dread, where seedy pirates rule the high seas, and loyalties shift with the winds. But this time, her cunning might not be enough to overcome the ultimate betrayal.

bill huey

-amazon reviewer-

This book would be great at any price. The author seems to have hit his stride, even if he wasn't among the first to venture into LitRPG. Excellent opponents, hearty companions, impossible tasks, and several thrilling battles, and that is before you are introduced to a Heavenly War.


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Lynda c.

Amazon Reviewer

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