City of Sorcery


Book 5 of the Hundred Halls series

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As the Hundred Halls heads towards civil war, the fate of the city—and possibly the world—depends on Aurie and Pi finding the truth about Invictus’ disappearance. Following a trail of dangerous clues, the sisters delve deeper into the head patron’s past, finding their family’s history entwined with the university. As they get closer to the final answer, they must decide if saving the world is worth shattering the ideas of who they think they really are.

Patricia Eversole

-amazon reviewer-

An exciting conclusion to the Hundred Halls series. Follow the adventures of sisters Aurie and Pi as they race to solve puzzles in order to prevent war from overtaking the world. I love this author’s creativity as he continues to develop this world, as well as the complexity of the relationship between the sisters.


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Lynda c.

Amazon Reviewer

[The Hundreds Halls is a] well created fantasy realm with believable characters. Multiple running storylines hold your attention making it almost impossible to set down. Definitely page turners! Loved the depth of characters.

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