Alchemy of Souls


Book 3 of the Hundred Halls series

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In the Hundred Halls, students experiment with all manners of magic: catoptromancy, lexology, verumancy, rune spells, demonology, shape changing, and a thousand other arcane techniques. Every magic is encouraged. Every magic, except oneā€”soul magic. As Aurie’s third year begins, students are found without their souls, ripped from their bodies, leaving them empty husks. Someone, or something, is stealing them for a nefarious purpose. With that kind of power being collected, not even the professors are safe. If Aurie and her sister cannot stop the soul thief before the end of the year, the Hundred Halls will never be the same.


-Amazon reviewer-

I recently found Thomas Carpenter through some books being promoted as freebies. After reading the first book in this series, I was sucked into the story of Aurie and Pi and had to read more. Love the story line that keeps you guessing how they're going to get out of THIS jam and love how all the people in the Hundred Halls are woven through the books in this series.


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Lynda c.

Amazon Reviewer

[The Hundreds Halls is a] well created fantasy realm with believable characters. Multiple running storylines hold your attention making it almost impossible to set down. Definitely page turners! Loved the depth of characters.

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