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The two major clans of the Undercity, Razor and Drops, are at a fragile peace after decades of conflict.

What Readers Say

This book was amazing! Such a strong storyline and characters you will adore! I have come to really get excited every time this amazing author brings out a new book, and this one is no exception.

Alicia Manolas Reader

Power of Crystals!
Good start to a new series where you learn about the clans and the undercity. Interesting characters and great world building in this magical adventure.

D.R. Reader

A great start for a new series.  Awesome characters and story.  The words give you a magnificent view in your mind of the scenes, the world and characters .
Highly recommended.

Steve Reader

Escape to the Hundred Halls

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The Hundred Halls is a multi-series universe with over twenty books and 7,000+ pages of magical academy adventure. If you enjoy reading a well-written contemporary fantasy saga, or are a Harry Potter, or Magicians fan, these books are written for you! Pick one up and—Escape to the Hundred Halls!

Trials of Magic is a good introduction into the universe, but you can really start with any of these first books:

Discover your own truth

A spellbinding fantasy series set about power, dark magic, and the bonds of family.

Vanquish your enemies

A daring heist. A dangerous betrayal. Only one chance to save his family.

Bond with an animal companion

A psychic fox companion. A curse that haunts her family. Nothing will stop this feisty heroine from saving those she loves the most.

Immerse yourself in a game

Brutal game mechanics. A clever heroine. The two collide in this gut-twisting action packed series.

Song of Siren and Blood
Experience extreme wealth

A tale of power, privilege, dark magic, and betrayal set among the Hundred Halls elite.

The Order of Merlin
Destiny calls when you least expect.

Join all your favorite Hundred Halls mages in this avengers style gathering to protect the city of Invictus and the world.